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Empowering Small Business Owners to Succeed

Welcome, entrepreneurial spirits and small business pioneers! I’m Jacqueline Greer, CPA, the visionary behind FishBone Financial Services, FishBone Tax Services, and JHG Accounting Firm. Supported by an incredible network of friends, family, and professionals, my objective is steadfast – to empower small businesses through cost-effective attestation and financial analysis services. Our approach is comprehensive; we not only scrutinize the numbers but also illuminate their significance, offering you a clear view of your business’s financial health.

As someone who has navigated the small business journey, I recognize the critical need for insightful financial oversight to guide cash flow management and budgeting decisions, particularly in the formative stages of your venture. At JHG Accounting Firm, we are dedicated to your growth, providing you with the analytical tools and attestations necessary to make informed decisions. Embark on this journey with us, and let our expertise in financial analysis and attestation services safeguard the financial aspects of your dream business.

Expertise and Credentials

As a CPA leading both FishBone Financial Services and JHG Accounting Firm, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a credible background in accounting, tax services, and financial analysis. My professional credentials assure you of the highest standards of practice and expertise in handling complex financial matters.

Customized Financial Solutions

Understanding that each small business has unique needs, I offer personalized attestation services and financial analysis. This tailored approach ensures that financial insights and attestations are directly relevant to your specific situation, helping you make informed decisions that align with your business goals.

Commitment to Your Success

My mission is rooted in the success of small businesses. I go beyond mere compliance or reporting to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to understand your financial position, manage risks effectively, and drive your business forward.

Personalized Client Engagement

I believe in building strong, personal relationships with each of my clients. This approach allows me to deeply understand your business, its challenges, and aspirations. By engaging with you on a personal level, I can tailor my services more effectively to suit your specific needs and goals, ensuring that you feel supported and valued throughout our partnership.

Proactive Financial Insights

Unlike traditional financial services that may focus on historical data, my approach includes proactive analysis and strategic insights. By not just reporting on the past but also looking ahead, I help you anticipate future challenges and opportunities, ensuring you are well-prepared to navigate the financial landscape.



Empowering Financial Confidence

Opting for our services in financial analysis and attestation transcends the traditional client-service provider dynamic; it signifies embracing a partnership founded on a shared dedication to your business’s prosperity and ethical standards.

By selecting us, you secure more than just expert assistance; you acquire a steadfast advocate devoted to your achievement. We are poised to equip you with the strategic foresight and verified validations necessary to navigate and excel in the contemporary business arena.


Strong Foundation

Delivering exceptional service to small business owners, ensuring excellence and reliability wherever you are.


We relentlessly pursue precision and meticulous attention to detail in every financial record and report. Our commitment is to accurately record every transaction, safeguarding the integrity of financial information with unwavering precision.


Integrity is our cornerstone. We prioritize honesty and transparency in every interaction with clients, employees, and regulatory authorities. We steadfastly adhere to ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest to ensure trust and credibility in all our dealings.


Reliability is ingrained in our ethos. We take pride in consistently delivering not just financial information but dependable insights to our clients. Meeting deadlines is not just a commitment but a practice, ensuring timely reporting that you can rely on.


We prioritize safeguarding the privacy of client information and maintaining strict confidentiality across all aspects of our work. Adhering to data protection regulations and industry standards, we ensure the trust and security of your sensitive financial information.